Ontario Math 6 Word Wall

A set of five, technology-linked, Ontario grade 6 math curriculum posters to support your classroom math, language, and technology programs.

Ontario Math 6 Word Wall is an exciting set of engaging and interactive classroom math posters specifically created for Ontario grade 6 students that link directly to the Internet. Each poster has a QR Code students love to scan with mobile devices, which takes them directly the corresponding video tutorial on Curricket.tv. The first QR Code takes the student to an in-depth explanation of the strand and real world activities, while the second QR Code takes them to a word study test to lock-in the word wall vocabulary. Many teachers find these work well in the classroom for group activities but even better at home to reinforce lessons and to help parents who might have difficulty understanding their child's homework. These powerful word walls cover the Ontario math strands: Number Sense and Numeration (explanation/activities, word study test), Data Management and Probability (explanation/activities, word study test), Patterning and Algebra (explanation/activities, word study test), Geometry (explanation/activities, word study test), and Measurement (explanation/activities, word study test). The videos are presented in an easy to understand, funny tone and demonstrate real life examples. Ontario Math 6 Word Wall will help your students understand the Ontario Grade 6 Math Strands, keep them focused, promote the use of technology in your classroom, integrate language into your math lessons, and improve your EQAO grade 6 math scores.

Replace your boring old word walls with this beautifully illustrated, 33 cm x 48 cm (13” x 19”), durable, matte (low glare) Ontario Math 6 Word Wall series for your classroom then watch as your students actually get excited about learning Ontario grade 6 math!


  • Economical!
  • Written specifically for the Ontario grade 6 math curriculum.
  • Technology linked!
  • Clearly explained funny video tutorials that students respond to.
  • Engaging, real world video activities.
  • Vocabulary reinforcement through video word study tests.
  • Perfect for activity centres and group work!
  • Promote interest and confidence in math!
  • Eye catching display!
  • A smooth, low-glare (matte) finish for easy viewing and is printed on durable 32 lb (120 gsm) high quality paper for years of use.
  • It comes in four convenient, easy to manage panels that are 13" (33 cm) x 19" (48 cm) each. Display each panel side by side in a line on your classroom wall, or go around corners if you are tight on space.
  • Help your students to succeed in mathematics, satisfy curriculum standards, promote the use of technology in learning, and beautify your classroom!


  • Recommended for Grade Level: 6
  • Weight: 0.042 kg (0.093 lbs)
  • Fully Assembled Size (5 Panels): 48 cm x 165 cm (19" x 65")
  • Individual Panel Size: 48 cm x 33 cm (19" x 13")
  • Environmental Stats: 30% Post Consumer Content, FSC Certified, Green Seal Certified

Author: Valerie Ivancak

ISBN 978-0-9937875-6-0


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