Key Printing Student Skill Book

Use the basic typing skills your students already have to teach the alphabet letter printing skills you need them to have.

You need to teach your students alphabet printing. Most students come to school with some basic typing skills from using their parent's tablet, phone, and some toys at home. Why not use the typing skills they already have to teach the alphabet printing skills you need them to have?

Key Printing Student Skills Book teaches grades K-2 students how to properly use the keyboard and how to accurately and correctly form printing alphabet letters and numbers. This full-colour, 64 page student book demonstrates precise capital and small letter formation as well as numerals. We've included ample space for students to work, but if you need more blank Printing Practice Sheets you can download them for free here. Alongside the printing lessons are corresponding typing lessons demonstrating how to physically find a specific key on a QWERTY (standard) keyboard, which hand to use, and which finger to use. It also demonstrates how to use the Shift key to access uppercase letters. These lessons are highly visual, easy to understand, and use a systematic, layered approach. Alphabet printing and typing are at the core of the units but every letter includes a graphical phonics word to help lock in the lesson and each letter is represented in sign language (ASL) to create a more inclusive classroom. The beginning of the book is dedicated to fostering correct ergonomic posture with excellent printing and typing tips. In the final section of the book students will learn to write simple words and sentences using units such as: Math, Days of the Week, My Name, and My Seven Favourite Words. Finally, not every school can afford to give each student their own keyboard device, which is why we've included a full-colour practice keyboard on the last page -- no need to worry if there isn't a device around for the students to use in the classroom or at home! Teach alphabet letter printing skills using the student's existing typing skills, teach typing skills with the student's existing letter printing skills, or give students with neither a strong start. No matter where your students are at, Key Printing Student Skills Book will give them a strong foundation from which to develop their skills. Download a free sample copy of the complete book to see exactly how Key Printing Student Skills book can be an engaging resource for your classroom.

Order Key Printing Student Skills Book then watch your students excel!


  • uses a layered approach to capital and small letter formation
  • uses a highly visual approach to finding keys on a QWERTY keyboard
  • keys are colour coded to help students discover which hand and finger to use
  • numerous ergonomic best practice tips for both printing and keyboarding
  • printing skills and typing skills are linked to facilitate an easier learning process
  • phonics words help lock-in the lessons
  • sign language (ASL) letters create a more inclusive classroom
  • other units in the book include: Math, Days of the Week, My Name, and My Seven Favourite Words
  • extra blank Printing Practice Sheets can be download for free here
  • integrates well into your language arts, math, and technology programs
  • keeps student work organized for easy marking and is a great resource to showcase student work at parent teacher interviews
  • economically priced


  • Recommended for Grade Levels: K-2
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Full-colour: yes
  • Weight: 178g (6.3 oz)
  • Size: 27 cm x 20 cm (10.625" x 8")
  • Environmental Stats: recyclable

Author: P. David Lashmar

ISBN 978-0-9937875-7-7

Need extra practice sheets for your students specifically designed for this book? We have that too, for free! Simply click on the complimentary My Printing Practice Sheet below to download and print as many practice sheets as you wish.

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