About Us


CURRICKET publishes curriculum-based educational resources for the classroom. CURRICKET materials dramatically reduce lesson preparation time and substantially free up classroom time for deeper student learning and idea exploration. Our publications facilitate the recovery of after-class lost learners with our unique CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons. CURRICKET resources cost LESS than the cost of photocopying or printing student handouts. Our team of experienced and highly respected educational authors create materials that engage students and comply with curriculum standards. Use CURRICKET classroom materials to save time, save money, teach the curriculum properly, recover after-class lost learners, and develop proud, confident, and successful students.


Modern educators are overburdened with a seemingly endless amount of work and responsibility. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done. Lesson preparation takes up a huge amount of the teacher’s time. Then there is the added stress of making sure the lesson plan teaches the curriculum properly. Dramatically shorten lesson preparation time and teach the curriculum accurately with our ready to use publications. The cost of CURRICKET classroom materials is LESS than the cost of photocopying or printing handouts. Save time and money!


In many classrooms, students spend a large portion of their time transcribing texts from textbooks or blackboards/whiteboards. Free your students from this wasteful and unnecessary task. Our inexpensive print and digital materials are ready to use. Your students simply jump in and start working. What’s more, the students work is kept organized in one central place for easy marking. Develop superior students by freeing up classroom time for deeper learning and idea exploration.


Have you ever had a student who was not able to complete the homework assignment because they forgot the lesson or had become confused when they got home? This is a common (and very frustrating) problem for educators. Not only does the student have to be re-taught the lesson but the other students in the class suffer due of the loss of valuable classroom learning time. CURRICKET has come up with a unique and exciting solution to this problem with the creation of CURRICKET Internet Tutor. These video tutorials connect directly to each lesson in the student resource via URL (web link) or QR code. The tutorials are specific to the lesson and are presented in a fun manner that students (and parents) find easy to understand. CURRICKET Internet Tutor can be accessed for free on CURRICKET.TV via ANY web enabled desktop, laptop, tablet, smart television, or smart phone. Recover lost student learners before they come back into the classroom!


In recent years, school boards and districts have asked teachers to comply with jurisdictional curriculum standards. This creates a great deal of extra work for teachers. Educators who access low quality lessons from the Internet to use as hand outs for students may not be complying with the correct curriculum standards. Teachers who create their own handouts must navigate a confusing maze of curriculum expectations. Dealing with curriculum expectations is time consuming and frustrating. CURRICKET publications comply with appropriate curriculum standards and are ready to use. Whether it is EQAO, Common Core State Standards, or International standards, rest assured your students will be learning the correct curriculum.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase of CURRICKET classroom resources. If you decide, for ANY reason, you are not 100% completely satisfied with any of our print materials when you receive them, simply return the unused print materials within 30 days for a hassle-free refund.
Please note: digital publications purchased through Apple iTunes cannot be refunded through us. You must contact Apple iTunes support to arrange a refund of digital publications.