May 25, 2016


Educational Supplies That Benefit Both The Teacher and the Students

Curricket is an education shop like you’ve never seen before. As such, the learning opportunities available for your students are unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before as well. At Curricket, we combine curriculum-based educational resources for the classroom with terms and concepts that children of today understand. The benefits are vast for both the students and teachers, with less preparation time needed for teachers, so more focused attention can be put into the classroom. This provides the students with deeper learning opportunities and idea exploration, which leads to ultimately, a better, more educated future generation. Although it would be impossible to list all of the benefits of our curriculum-based teaching supplies in one article, we have picked out some of our favourites to share with you today.


From Educators to Educators

One of the most important things to recognize about Curricket is that Ontario educators author all of the student books to ensure the highest quality of learning materials that are also curriculum-based. While the Internet provides many new and exciting opportunities and ideas that you can incorporate into the classroom, there are just as many low quality lesson plans available.   Since it is required by school boards and districts that teachers follow jurisdictional curriculum standards, you need to be able to trust the source of the content you provide your students. This is what began the creation of Curricket.


Combination of Traditional Teaching and Modern Tech

Here at Curricket, we value the traditional teaching methods that have been used for many years. However, we also understand that times have changed, and in order to be the best educator possible, the way of the world today needs to be considered. This is why our Curricket education supplies incorporate both traditional teaching methods (student books), with additional features and content that is more specific to the tech-age of today. Our student books take on the traditional paper-and-pencil route, but we also offer unique Internet tutor lessons, which can be accessed online or with a QR code. The content available in the student books and handouts are all curriculum based and meet educational standards for both the United States and Canada.


    Curricket Student Books Cost Less than Photocopies and Printing

    The cost of printing and photocopying is massive. It’s also timely and takes up valuable teacher prep time. Curricket curriculum-based educational resources cost less than the cost of photocopying or printing student sheets. Saving money on classroom materials also allows for the funds to put elsewhere to further the students learning, and the education system as a whole.


    High Learning Opportunities with Curriculum-Based Materials

    As mentioned, school boards and districts require teachers to follow jurisdictional curriculum standards. This could create a significant amount of work for teachers. With so many low quality lessons being available online, finding the curriculum-based ones can be close to impossible. For the dedicated teachers that are eager to create their own student handouts, navigating through the extensive list of curriculum expectations can be confusing, time-consuming and incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, with Curricket, there’s no need to search the endless web for curriculum-based educational student books/sheets, as it’s all right here on our education shop. We’ve done all the hard work and research to ensure the highest level of learning opportunities – and ones that follow curriculum standards - are provided within each student book. By doing so, the teacher planning time is drastically decreased, which allows for deeper learning opportunities for students within the classroom.


    Whether you’re preparing for the EQAO, following the Common Core State Standards or even international standards, the appropriate curriculum standards can be found on Curricket. Learn more about our student books and teaching supplies at Curricket. 

    David Lashmar
    David Lashmar


    David Lashmar is an educational author and blogger, the voice of the wildly popular character “Davey Curricket”, a personality on CURRICKET.TV, owner of the classroom resource publishing company CURRICKET.COM, and Vice-president at the educational publisher Tree House Press. He is a member of the associations Book Publishing Professionals, Children’s Book Authors, and Publishing today.

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