May 16, 2016


The Power of Teaching the Alphabet with Typing

Bring a smartphone or tablet out in front of a child, and you’ll quickly see their sticky fingers reaching for your device. It seems like every child, from infancy and on, are instantly intrigued by electronics. As soon as they can move their limbs, kids are swiping and tapping their way through the alphabet and brilliant age-appropriate apps. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand the alphabet or what they are spelling and it certainly doesn't mean they can write the letters of the alphabet on paper.

This is why Curricket designed student books that combine both traditional teaching methods with modern content and terms that students already are familiar with, in order to teach necessary skills.  So, what does this mean for teachers, principals and educators alike? You can use the knowledge that almost every child already has (typing skills) to provide new and exciting learning opportunities in the classroom.


Typing Skills Need to be Learned Early On

There was once a time when keyboard typing wasn’t taught until the later grades. However, times have changed and learning how to properly type on a keyboard is an education posters, student books, education shopessential part of living today. After all, everything is technology-based, and very rarely do we have to actually pick up a piece of paper and a pen. Just think about the last time you went shopping for school supplies; you probably didn’t even have to sign any receipts because today, it’s all done with electronic devices. While your K-2 students won’t be signing any receipts anytime soon, they will need to learn how to type on a keyboard in order to stay current with the speed of today. Curricket’s Key Printing Student Skill Book teaches children both their alphabet and the keyboard at the same time. They have to learn their alphabet anyway, so might as well do it in combination with a life skill that is so imperative for them to learn in today’s society.


Teaching Children by What They Already Understand

Successful educators today have to teach according to what children understand; and what children understand is technology. Technology is huge for the latest generations, and it’s what they’re used to. It’s a vital part of their everyday life, and education certainly needs to be up-to-date. Now, you don’t need any electronic devices in the classroom to incorporate Key Printing Student Skill Books because it does take on the traditional paper-and-pencil route of teaching. However, with the keyboard images and practice keyboard located in the back of the student book, you are entering the classroom education posters, student books, education shopspeaking a language they understand. Most children already know how to type letters on a keyboard, as they play with their parent’s iPad or smartphone. However, children may not know what an “A” looks like on paper, or how to write one, but by associating it with the “A” on the keyboard that they’re already familiar with, things will instantly click together within their brain.



Get Their Attention With Terms they Know


Teaching has a lot to do with keeping the attention span of your students, and with the ever changing, quickly developing world of technology, attention spans are on the decrease. Kids are used to the latest, greatest and newest of everything. Showing your students a black and white cartoon from back in the day will quickly have their attention going elsewhere. So, it’s important to provide them with learning opportunities that will captivate their full attention and learning capabilities. Since the Key Printing Student Skill Books have content linked to terms students already understand, such as the keyboard on their parent’s iPad, students will see it as being new and cool. As such, you will get their full attention, and this provides them with optimal learning opportunities.




In our generation, we didn’t have all these electronic devices in our homes, let alone in our classrooms. So, it’s quite natural for teachers and principals to want to fall back on the traditional forms of teaching. However, as an educator, it’s your job to stay current and well versed in language that children understand today – and that language is tech. Curricket student books combine the traditional methods of teaching with the modern technology terms. Shop all your needs at our education shop available online today.

David Lashmar
David Lashmar


David Lashmar is an educational author and blogger, the voice of the wildly popular character “Davey Curricket”, a personality on CURRICKET.TV, owner of the classroom resource publishing company CURRICKET.COM, and Vice-president at the educational publisher Tree House Press. He is a member of the associations Book Publishing Professionals, Children’s Book Authors, and Publishing today.

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