April 15, 2016


Ontario Grade 6 Math Curriculum

Ontario grade 6 teacher's sure have a tough job these days. Not only do they have to worry about the EQAO Grade 6 Math, Writing, and Reading assessments but they are asked to integrate all the subjects with each other, throw in a technology program, and do it all with very little money.

There are some great full year Ontario grade 6 reading workbook programs, Ontario grade 6 writing workbook programs, and even an Ontario grade 6 math math program that is reproducible and downloadable. But one of the least expensive things an Ontario grade 6 teacher can do to boost EQAO results is to invest in a proper, specific Ontario grade 6 math word wall.

Right about now you're probably saying "What? I have a word wall and it doesn't seem to do anything!" To be clear, I'm certainly not talking about those handmade word walls that are created with paper and markers that students never pay attention to. You know, the ones that are just sitting on the wall, taking up space for no reason. Instead, a word wall should do something and be far more than a collection of words.

A good word wall has, at it's core, a collection of grade and subject appropriate words. But that is just the beginning. The word wall should be linked to the curriculum expectations the students need to meet. It should have a technology component students will want to engage with, and finally it should beautify the classroom.

Valerie Ivancak is an Ontario grade 6 curriculum expert and teacher. She has created an Ontario grade 6 math with technologyeconomical series of five Ontario curriculum grade 6 math word walls. Priced at less than $5 per poster in the series, the Ontario Math 6 Word Wall is an exciting set of engaging and interactive classroom math posters specifically created for Ontario grade 6 students. The word walls link directly to the Internet via any Internet enabled device. Each poster has a QR Code students love to scan with mobile devices, which takes them directly the corresponding video tutorial on Curricket.tv. The first QR Code takes the student to an in-depth explanation of the strand and real world activities, while the second QR Code takes them to a word study test to lock-in the word wall vocabulary. Many teachers find these work well in the classroom for group activities but even better at home to reinforce lessons and to help parents who might have difficulty understanding their child's homework. These powerful word walls cover the Ontario math strands: Number Sense and Numeration, Data Management and Probability, Patterning and Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement. The videos are presented in an easy to understand, funny tone and demonstrate real life examples. Ontario Math 6 Word Wall will help your students understand the Ontario Grade 6 Math Strands, keep them focused, promote the use of technology in your classroom, integrate language into your math lessons, and improve your EQAO grade 6 math scores. Best of all it will get your students excited about learning Ontario grade 6 math!

Click here to learn more about this exciting Ontario grade 6 math resource.

David Lashmar
David Lashmar


David Lashmar is an educational author and blogger, the voice of the wildly popular character “Davey Curricket”, a personality on CURRICKET.TV, owner of the classroom resource publishing company CURRICKET.COM, and Vice-president at the educational publisher Tree House Press. He is a member of the associations Book Publishing Professionals, Children’s Book Authors, and Publishing today.

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