April 11, 2016


The Best Way to Teach Alphabet Letter Printing for Kindergarten

This is the time of technology, innovation and pace. Today’s children are much smarter than what we used to be when we were of their age. They know many more things than we used to know, thanks to technology and the gadgets it is giving rise to everyday. So, is it possible to make use of their increased skills in their studies and understanding? This can make learning and teaching much easier. Curricket.com has found Key Printing – the best way to teach alphabet letter printing for kindergarten children, based on their knowledge of typing. Let’s see what the underlying idea is.

Read the full article from HomeRoomEdu here: http://homeroomedu.com/the-best-way-to-teach-alphabet-letter-printing-for-kindergarten-children/

David Lashmar
David Lashmar


David Lashmar is an educational author and blogger, the voice of the wildly popular character “Davey Curricket”, a personality on CURRICKET.TV, owner of the classroom resource publishing company CURRICKET.COM, and Vice-president at the educational publisher Tree House Press. He is a member of the associations Book Publishing Professionals, Children’s Book Authors, and Publishing today.

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