April 06, 2016


Curricket In the News

Taking a Look at Curricket

I was recently invited to check out Curricket
(a publisher of teaching and learning resources)
and post my thoughts.
Here they are! :)

Curricket is a company that creates educational materials that can be used at home, in a tutoring session, or in the classroom. Based in Canada but willing to ship worldwide, they create video content and workbooks for, it seems, all age levels and a great variety of topics. Math, reading, writing, and social studies are all well-covered by the workbooks, and notably, so is the French language:

I was happy to note that you can preview quite a few pages in a workbook before deciding to order it. Here's a screenshot to show you what I mean:

As it's explained in the site's FAQ, the workbook content relates to a library of video supplements, which are actually free for anyone visiting the site to use. QR codes guide students from their workbook lesson to the relevant video tutorials online. Although this section of the site is extensive and freely available, it's not super easy to navigate if you're not using the workbooks:

Without having tried out the workbooks themselves with my students, I can't say too much more about them--but in the workbook-flooded market, Curricket's prices are very competitive! Here's the link, so let me know about your experience if you decide to try out some of these resources! :)


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Mrs. Liesl Johnson:
M.Ed., Educational Psychology
B.S., English Education

David Lashmar
David Lashmar


David Lashmar is an educational author and blogger, the voice of the wildly popular character “Davey Curricket”, a personality on CURRICKET.TV, owner of the classroom resource publishing company CURRICKET.COM, and Vice-president at the educational publisher Tree House Press. He is a member of the associations Book Publishing Professionals, Children’s Book Authors, and Publishing today.

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